The Transmutation


Transmutation is a magical technique that allows a sorcerer or sorceress to alter or deform or twist the physical features of any object so it is transformed into a desired object.


When the user cast this spell with the desired object clear in their mind on the target object (thin air of wood for example), the target object's molecular matter would dissolve and rearrange instantly so its shape and nature would be altered into that of the desired object. For instance, when someone uses this spell to turn the air molecules into a sword, said sword's nature would surprisingly be the same with a regular one.

The drawback of this enchantment likely depends on how good a spellcaster's proficiency with it is. If their proficiency was not good enough, the casted object would possibly not change at all, be partially transformed, or when it seemingly succeeds, the transformed object would revert back to its original form less than a second after the transformation. It means how long an object is transformed into another form also depends on the caster's proficiency as well.

Known Users

The only known user of this enchantment is Balthazar Blake, who used it to transformed an emergency stairs into a bunch of confetti so it will not harm any civilians in his fight against Sun Lok. This spell was also possibly used by Sun Lok himself to dissipate and reform his body from a swarm of butterflies.



  • This type of power is often referred to as "Polymorphing", "Transfiguration", "Transformation Inducement", and "Transmogrification".

See Also

  • Car Spell: Similar spell, but primarily used to restore a vehicle into its prime condition and morphed into better/worse ones.
  • Disguise Spell: Similar spell, but used to transformed one's appearance and clothings for disguise.
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