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2008 script

The 2008 script of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The early script for The Sorcerer's Apprentice film that was written in July 18, 2008 by Lawrence "Larry" Konner and Mark Rosenthal and revised by Matt Lopez. The script's plot was noticeably darker than in the final film, yet filled with more references from original Fantasia: the original script incorporated Fantasia's Ballad of the Bald Mountain in addition of The Sorcerer's Apprentice by featuring Chernabog as one of supporting antagonists.


Some aspects of the script's storyline are retained in the film's final version;

  • Dave's first meeting with Balthazar in the Arcana Cabana which leads to the Dragon Ring chosing him and inadvertently releasing Maxim Horvath from The Grimhold, subsequently resulting both archenemies to fight and sealed themselves into The Grimlock but not before traumatizing Dave whom caught in the fight.
  • The Grimhold and Grimlock's mystical properties and functions.
  • Dave's eventual romance with Becky.
  • Horvath's failed attempt to kill Balthazar by dropping the Grimhold several stories below from a building before his nemesis could escape.
  • Horvath's attempt to kill Dave by animals brought to to life via magic that has failed due to Balthazar's interference with help of his eagle (though the original script uses a tiger instead of wolves).
  • Skirmish in Chinatown where Dave and Balthazar fight against Sun Lok before encountered Horvath disguised as an old lady.
  • Balthazar fooled by the Morganians' disguise.
  • Abigail Williams' involvement through kidnapping Becky.
  • Veronica getting possessed by Morgana's spirit.


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