Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer portrays the role of Becky Barnes in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Teresa Palmer was born on Febuary 26, 1986, in Adelaide, Australia and she is a young actress/model. She has been acting since 2005.


Title Year Character
Wolf Creek (film) 2005 Pool Party People
2:37 (film) 2006 Melody
The Grudge 2 (film) 2006 Vanessa Cassidy
December Boys (film) 2007 Lucy
Restraint (film) 2008 Dale
Bedtime Stories (film) 2008 Violet Nottingham
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (film) 2010 Becky Barnes
I Am Number Four (film) 2011 Number Six
Take Me Home Tonight (film) 2011 Tori Frederking
Bear (short film) 2011 Emelie
Quirky Girl (short film) 2011 Claire
Wish You Were Here (film) 2012 Stephanie "Steph" McKinney
Warm Bodies (film) 2013 Julie Grigio
Love and Honor (film) 2013 Candace
Cut Bank (film) 2014 Cassandra
Parts per Billion (film) 2014 Anna
The Ever After (film) 2014 Ava
Kill Me Three Times (film) 2014 Lucy Webb
Knight of Cups (film) 2015 Karen
Point Break (film) 2015 Samsara
Too Legit (short film) 2016 Kimmie
The Choice (film) 2016 Gabby Holland
Triple 9 (film) 2016 Michelle Allen
Lights Out (film) 2016 Rebecca