Subway Mugger

The Subway Mugger

The Subway Mugger, or sometimes called the "Thief", is an average thief that encountered Becky and Dave in the New York subway.

The Subway Mugger/Thief was portrayed by Jason R. Moore.


Becky was threatened by a man at the subway station who stole her handbag and bracelet, which was given to her by her grandmother. Dave was with Becky when this happened, so he ran after the thief. This was the first time Dave's magic was put to the test. When Dave caught up with the thief, he used his magic ring to lift a trash can behind the thief then set it on fire. Suddenly, Dave used his ring to telekinetically hit the man on the head with the trash can. Then Dave returned the bracelet and handbag to Becky, claiming that he beaten the mugger up using "Thunder/Lightening" via cardio boxing he was doing lately.



  • In the original script of Disney's The Sorcerer's Aprentice, the thief appeared earlier, where he trying to robbed an old lady. Dave uses the opportunity to make a final attempt to rid the Dragon Ring by bribing the mugger with it so he would let the old lady go, though he still successfully took the lady’s ring. But the Dragon Ring proved to be a grave misfortune for the mugger, as before he could escape, the ring mystically battered it into pulp and lured the mugged old woman to retrieve both her ring and the Dragon Ring and returned the Dragon Ring back to Dave whom she thanked for helping her.