The Shield Spell

The Shield Spell

The Shield Spell, also known as the Magic Shield, is a magical spell that enables the user to evade any attacks as a means of defense by creating an ethereal barrier in front of themselves.

The only known 3 spellcasters that utilizes the Shield Spell are 2 Merlineans, Balthazar Blake and Veronica Gorloisen, and the Prime Merlinean, Dave Stutler, who all together used it among their arsenal of magical abilities in their greatest battle against the most evil Morganian witch of legend known only as Morgana le Fay.


Shield Spell

The Shield Spell in effect.

A caster, either by their catalyst or not, create a blue, large magical shield of ethereal energy which enable them to protect himself or herself from magical attacks. When used, the shield will appear in front of them in which resembles a riot shield. The shield itself is invisible, unless being hit by a magic-based attack (either strong or weak one) where it glows before becoming invisible again. However, though the shield is very effective as protection against any sorcerous attacks, it is not providing absolute protection. This was due to the shield cracks when receiving damage, and when too much damage received, it will dissappears and the spellcaster and even something or someone with him or her will become defenseless.