Outcast Spell TSA

The Outcast spell being activated.

Outcast is a spell to conjure 3 homing blue orb around the sorcerer to banish their enemies to the magical dimension and one of Merlinean Spells featured in videogame adaptation of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Usage and History

The spell worked by conjuring special 3 homing blue orb around the user that banish an object or a being to the magical dimension. Upon struck by one of the orbs or stood between the orbs and the conjuror, a wormhole will opened under the victim's feet and send them to the said dimension.

This is the very spell that Maxim Horvath used to banished Balthazar Blake that forced him to use his telephatic projection to guide Dave Stutler in his adventures until Dave strong enough to pull him out.