Morgana le Fay
Morgana le Fay
"And now we end this."

Full Name

Morgan Pendragon (originally)


Morgana le Fay


1270+ (destroyed by Dave Stutler)




Maxim Horvath (servant), Merlin (formerly, deceased), Abigail Williams


Dave Stutler, Balthazar Blake, Veronica Gorloisen, Merlin (deceased former mentor)


Dark magic



Portrayed by

Alice Krige

And now we end this.
~ Morgana le Fay

Morgana le Fay is a powerful, legendary sorceress and the main antagonist of the 2010 Disney fantasy film The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Morgana le Fay was portrayed by Alice Krige.


Morgana, also once known as Morgan Pendragon, was a witch and also a former apprentice of Merlin. After discovering her witchcraft abilities, Morgana asked Merlin to teach her magic and train her in the sacred arts of sorcery. As Merlin helped Morgan gain control over her powers, for years Merlin looked after Morgan with love and care, until she eventually betrayed him by practicing black magic. Because Morgan believed that witches and wizards were more important than humans, she plotted to enslave the human race by casting a dark and powerful spell known as The Rising that would bend them to her will with the aid of the souls of past conjurors who practiced dark magic.

She began the demonstration of her supremacy by savagely attacking mortals, including those that were allied with Merlin.

She succeeded in killing her mentor with the help of another traitor, a former Merlinean named Maxim Horvath. Her last words to Merlin were, "I am no one's servant.". Later she tried to kill Merlin's two apprentices Balthazar Blake and Veronica Gorloisen, Veronica sacrificed herself by absorbing Morgana's soul into her and her lover Balthazar locked them both in the Grimhold.

Return of Morgana le Fay

Centuries later when Horvath succeeded in breaking the final shell of the Grimhold with the energy of Merlin's ring, the foolish illusionist Drake Stone, and the malevolent witch Abigail Williams, Morgana, while possessing Veronica's body, was set free. She was able to perform the Rising ritual in order to raise the dead.

Luckily Becky, Dave's girlfriend's disturbed the antenna of one of the positioned satellite dishes and the signal that was to perfect the dark ritual, thus The Rising was incomplete. At the same time, it rendered both Morgana and Veronica unconscious.

Balthazar then asborbed Morgana's dark soul into himself using the same magic spell known as the Human Fusion (Fusion Spell) to free Veronica. He then begged both her and Dave seal him and Morgana inside the Grimhold. Morgana then broke free and escaped his body and materialized into a ghostly form of herself.

Morgana then attacked both Balthazar and Veronica in an act of revenge before David Stutler, when he finally discovered his true power, but that he is the Prime Merlinean, stopped her fiery blast. The two conjurors fought and David won by using the electric power of his Tesla Coils and his Prime Merlinean powers to exploit Morgana's weakness and destroyed her once and for all.

Personality and Traits

An evil and utterly selfish sorceress who has no qualms over taking innocent lives in order to achieve her goals, Morgana is definitely a venomous character to be reckoned with.

Despite her evil, however, Morgana is still indisputably elegant, speaking with a proper English accent and carries herself with grace and dignity. She is also highly charismatic, being able to gather many Morganians (or at least those who have the potential of becoming such) over the centuries, however, this may also be due to Horvath's action to spread Morganian teachings while he was in pursuit of his nemesis, Balthazar.

Powers and Abilities

Morgana is an extremely powerful and deadly witch with a particular proficiency for black magic. She also possesses telekinesis and elemental abilities, such as fire and lightning. She conjures barrages of considerably powerful Plasma Bolts to attack her enemies without hesitating and without mercy. In addition to it, Morgana is an exceptional swordsfighter, as seen in her battle with Merlin.

When Morgana became a spirit, even without a physical body due to the power of the Fusion Spell (or specifically, whatever was left of her physical body turned into a glowing mass of dust that can reform and pass through anything), she can also possess people like she did with Veronica Gorloisen and Balthazar Blake. And she can avoid attacks (physical and magical) when these attacks only phased through her and not harm her.

Yet, Morgana is weak against electricity when Dave, the true Prime Merlinean exploits her weakness and used his power to eliminate her completely.

Videogame appearance

Morgana le Fay the Sorceress

Morgana le Fay as seen in the videogame The Sorcerer's Apprentice on Nintendo DS.

The wicked sorceress Morgana le Day emerged as the mistress of the Forbidden Domain magic in New York City's Central Park District and the 6th and final boss of the Nintendo DS videogame adaptation of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Unlike in the movie, in 9th century England, she does not became a spirit via the Human Fusion Spell & her third Merlinean enemy Veronica Gorloisen was never featured in the game, she instead emwas being defeated and imprisoned in the Grimhold by her second Merlinean foe, Balthazar Blake.

Arriving at Central Park, Balthazar Blake and Dave Stutler are certain that Morgana le Fay, who was finally released from the Grimhold in modern-day America already present there and Balthazar had a bad feeling about it. The natural haven is overflowing with Mana (magic energy of nature) from the Forbidden domain, and monsters Dave Stutler encountered there are stronger than the previous ones. In spite of this, Dave able to press on, with Balthazar encouraging him.

Dave has overcome the odds and have gotten stronger over the course of his adventures. Getting closer to the center of the Forbidden domain, a castle emerged in the park, Balthazar revealed that a Morganian sorcerer built the place at this precise location within the 19th century. Because of it, the place was like a magnet for Mana from the Forbidden domain. That is why they had to found her fast, as had the Forbidden domain fully opened, she will have more than enough power to summon the dead via the magic curse known as The Rising.

Once entering Battery Park, Dave found Morgana busily performing the incantation for raising an army of the dead. Sensing his presence, she mistaken Dave being Horvath in disguise, but Dave (under Balthazar’s suggestion), denied by claiming that he is the Prime Merlinean destined to destroy her. Undaunted, Morgana belittles Dave being a mere boy whom in turn, responded that he is Balthazar’s apprentice. Morgana sneers Dave for lacking Merlin’s strengths and skills, making him weaker than either her or Merlin.

As the fateful final battle began, Balthazar told Dave that she is susceptible with electricity-based spell due to her shield deflects and nullifying other forms of magic. She can conjure Marrok’s signature concussive bolts from the ground, summoning monsters, performing Abigail’s red mine bolts, advanced version of Horvath’s temporal displacement ectoplasm mines, and armor-piercing blue bolts. Fortunately, with both his experience and learning Morgana’s attacking pattern, Dave finally managed to defeat her and sealed her back into The Grimhold.



  • Morgana along with her name is based on the same legendary sorceress with the same alias who existed the time of King Arthur.
  • Shortly after Morgan became evil, she changed her name from "Morgan Pendragon" to "Morgana le Fay".
  • Fire (especially in the art of of pyromancy) seems to be Morgana's specialty in sorcery other than The Rising.
  • Unlike her mytholoogical counterpart, it is assumed by her original surname of Pendragon that she was Uther Pendragon's daughter. In the Arthurian legend, Morgan (as she is known in most sources) is the daughter of Uther Pendragon's mistress Igraine and her first husband, Gorlois making her the half-sister of King Arthur and the half-sister-in-law of King Arthur's wife Queen Guinevere.
  • In the Arthurian legend-inspired shows, Camelot and The Adventures of Merlin, Morgana (in Merlin) and Morgan (in Camelot) are the daughters of Uther Pendragon (in both shows) who is also the father of King Arthur whereas their mythological counterparts are the daughter of Igraine.
  • Though was stated that Morgana was once Merlin's earliest apprentice whom he treated like a daughter, this not shown in the movie itself, but rather implied by Merlin's hesitance in killing Morgana once he overpowered her.
  • Morgana le Fay is about 1270+ years old.