The Fire Shield

The Fire Shield

The Fire Shield is the magical ability used to conjure the element of fire in the art of pyromancy for defensive purposes.


The user, with or without any catalysts, creates and manipulates flames where the said flames molt into the shield form, which enable them to protect themselves from magical attacks, especially the fiery spells. While it seemed that this defensive spell is not as effective as vacuum sphere, this spell is highly defensive on its own right, much like the magic shield: This spell is the recommended to counteract the fiery blast spell from the enemies, especially if the said spell was on the equal caliber with Morgana's as one doesn't have to conjure their own flames to perform this spell.

The only known drawback is, this spell requires high concentration, as after being used for certain amount of time, the user briefly under the exhausted state.

Known Users

The well known user of this spell is Dave Stutler, which thanks to this, discovered that his Prime Merlinean powers were fully awakened.