The Ectoplasm Trap

The Ectoplasm Trap

The Ectoplasm Trap is a supernatural enchantment that can decelerate the movement of anything it hits with use of conjured mass of ectoplasmic energy and it is one of the many magical spells in the 2010 Disney fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The only known spellcasters who uses this magic are both the Merlinean wizard Balthazar Blake and his former best friend-turned-sworn enemy Maxim Horvath.


Ectoplasm Trap gif depiction

Ectoplasm Trap in action.

All spellcasters who uses this spell blasts a transparent, liquid-like energy ball out of ectoplasm that when hit a moving target, the target will have their movement, even their spells, decelerated as though time were slower. This is because time within the cocoon of ectoplasm that engulfs the target upon being struck moves at 1/20 times of normal speed.

However, this only works for less than 1 minute, but gives enough time for a conjurer to run from his or her affected foes. In the Nintendo DS adaptation of the game, another application of the spell is demonstrated by Horvath during the boss battle against Dave where the said application is much more faithful to the spell's namesake: In the said battle, he conjured multiple orbs of ectoplasm that bury themselves in the ground and explode when the comes too close like proximity mines, showering them with ectoplasm that drastically slow their movement.

Known Users

Balthazar uses this spell so Dave Stutler can have enough time for him to ride on his animated, flying steel eagle statue as well as to prevent Horvath from attacking him. As Horvath was once Merlin's apprentice alongside Balthazar and Veronica, it is plausible that he also mastered this enchantment (though only confirmed during the boss battle in Nintendo DS game where he utilized the said spell's proximity mine version).



  • In the early script of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice , this enchantment was originally named "Temporal Displacement Spell".