The Disperse Spell

The Disperse Spell

~ Bathzar using the Disperse Spell.
You have abused the sacred art, and you have abused the Merlin Circle. Magic isn't a game. No shortcuts! Falling in that water and getting electrocuted. That's how a sorcerer loses his power!
~ Balthazar scolding Dave about the mess he created.

The Disperse Spell is a powerful spell. It stops all nearby spells and other magical activities from continuing.

The only known and successful sorcerer who ever perform this incantation is Balthazar Blake.

Usages and History

The caster uses this spell by concentrate their power, and exclaimed Disperse. Once casted, any other magical activities or spell around the caster will stopped. This spell is very effective if facing magical activities that gone haywire. Range of this spell also unknown.

It is unclear whether this spell can be used for combat means, though if does, this will made their opponent became defenseless for a while, giving an opening to attack.

Balthazar used this spell to cease Dave's Cleaning Spell from spiraling out of control. Horvath also used the same spell when he freed Morgana from Merlin's bindings.



  • The Disperse Spell was originally from the segment "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" of the 1940 Disney classic Fantasia.
  • It is unknown if this spell can be used to stop the Quest-Bound Immortality Spell.