Fire Spell

Combustion as demonstrated by Balthazar Blake on a parking ticket.

Combustion is a special technique that causes matter to burst into flames and explode. This is the basic form of all fire spells.

Usage and History

Combustion in Action

Combustion as demonstrated by Balthazar

The user manipulates Mana through their catalysts to shake the molecules of an object that, which would cause them to ignite and in the process, burst into flames followed by explosion, depends on how the user shakes the said object's molecules.

Known drawbacks of this enchantment are the user must be careful if they near flammable objects as they could burn themselves by accident and also, spaced areas would limit the spell's success rate as it requires oxygen to help inducing the combustion.

Balthazar Blake once demonstrate this spell by set fire to a ticket that an officer who had just put on a car while he teaches the basics and science of magic to his new apprentice, Dave Stutler. Dave later tries to use it to set a trash can ablaze in an awkward manner (which fails albeit it briefly combusted) while confronting a mugger to scare him (much to the mugger's shock and awe), only due to his own poor magical skill, he decided to knocked the mugger instead with the said trash can.

Known Users

Known users of this spell are Balthazar Blake, Veronica Gorloisen, Morgana le Fay and Dave Stutler, during a battle in New York's Battery Park. It is possible that Maxim Horvath may be included as the user as he was capable in using fire magic as seen in a skirmish in Arcana Cabana.