The Chinese Woman

The Chinese Woman

Aaaaah, you speak Mandarin.
~ Maxim Horvath disguised as the Chinese Woman.

The Chinese Woman was a minor character in the 2010 Disney fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

She was portrayed by Wai Ching Ho.



She owned a medicine shop (平安堂藥材店/direct translation: "Ping An Tang Medicine Shop") in New York's Chinatown that was established at some point in her life and she collected antiques.

When Dave was (accidently by Balthazar and Horvath's battle) humiliated by his classmates, the Chinese woman took the Grimhold away when no one notices.

10 years later, Balthazar Blake first located the Grimhold downtown using the Biometric Pressure Spell on the rooftop of the Chrysler Building, pinpointed the location of her shop. Maxim Horvath later located the Grimhold in Chinatown by using Psychic Vision before the former Arcana Cabana shop by seeing the Chinese Woman pick it up.

Balthazar and Dave Stutler went to retrieve it and upon arriving Balthazar found nothing in the shop. Soon the Chinese Woman came out, asking, "Can I help you? Do you have an appointment?" Balthazar asked for the doll and she replied, "It's possible. I collect so many objects". To find out her true identity Balthazar complemented her in Cantonese, saying, "Your hair is beautiful (頭髮好靚).", which she replied, "Aaaaah, you speak Mandarin". Balthazar immediately threw her against the shop doors, knowing it's actually Horvath in disguise, saying "That was Cantonese, Horvath". After changing back to himself, Horvath revealed that he had opened The Grimhold, releasing Sun Lok: "An old associate of mine speaks impeccable Cantonese. He lived about 200 years ago".


It seemed that Horvath had somehow killed the Chinese Woman before he disguised as her, but no body or evidence was ever found. The original script, however, implied that she survived as Dave found her bound and gagged by Horvath, whom used her template for the disguise.


As she is only seen in a vision of the past and as a disguise by Horvath, it is unknown what the Chinese Woman is like. However, she did seem to be a gentle character who loves collecting antique objects.