Bennet Zurrow








Dave Stutler, Becky Barnes, his Girlfriend



Portrayed by

Omar Miller

I don't know what you're into here, Dave, but whatever it is, you are definitely participating!
~ Bennet Zurrow to Dave Stutler and Becky Barnes.

Bennet Zurrow was Dave Stutler's friend and roommate.

Bennet was portrayed by Omar Miller.


First Appearance

After ten years, Bennet, Dave's roommate wished him happy birthday and mentioned that "Bio nerds are getting drunk tonight. And we invited cheerleaders from Princeton". When Dave refused to join, having to "finish my Tesla Coil project if I want to graduate", Bennet proceeded to give Dave a lecture on the grey wolf as an example to why he needs to socialize: "The grey wolf is a pack animal. He must find a mate. He must hunt and grunt. He must participate. You're going to get booted out of the pack! Alone. Eaten by a hungry bear". Later, when Dave left Becky Barnes after fixing the antenna in her radio station, Bennet appeared in Dave's lab, criticising Dave for not asking her out, and saying that she would not remember him at all (Who are you? Braveheart?). He soon left at the request of Dave.

Helping Dave And Becky

Later, Bennet was shown in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend when being interrupted by a call by Dave. Despite being slightly annoyed (Bad time, Dave.), he headed to Dave's lab and helped to find all the Tesla Coil remotes. He then handed Dave a letter by Balthazar he found on the desk after he hung up earlier, which said "Dave, give this to Veronica, Balthazar", together with the necklace Balthazar intended to give to Veronica. Dave then knew that Balthazar was not planning on coming back from trying to stop The Rising (in case he died). Before Dave and Becky left to help Balthazar and save the world, Dave finally got his roommate's approval when he said, "I don't know what you're into here, Dave, but whatever it is, you are definitely participating!".