Arcana Cabana

The interior of the Arcana Cabana curio shop.

The Arcana Cabana was an occult shop owned by Balthazar Blake. The shop was full of dust, cobwebs, antiuqes and old shelves.

The Arcana Cabana was where Dave Stutler first met Balthazar, and discovered that he would become a very important sorcerer someday after seeing the Dragon Ring come to life and coil itself around his finger. Before Balthazar could hand Dave his Encantus, Dave accidentally released Maxim Horvath from the Grimhold who then has an epic fight with Balthazar. In the end, both got sucked into the Grimlock and Dave escaped with the Grimhold, throwing it onto the street.

10 years later, the shop was turned into a phone shop when Horvath returns to find the Grimhold. Balthazar also returns to the shop to retrieve the necklace he meant to give to Veronica years ago.



  • Arcana Cabana is probably found within the Manhattan borough.