Andre Dunlap

Andre Dunlap

Andre Dunlap was a friend of Becky Barnes and a minor character in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

He was portrayed by Ethan Peck.


Andre was worked alongside Becky at the College Radio Station for an unspecified amount of time. He told Becky that the antenna in the radio station was struck by lightning, which threatened to halt her show. Fortunately, to his delight, Dave, whom heard about the problem, managed to fix the antenna with his skills, saving everyone's show.


Andre seemed to be a friendly young man whom has befriended with Becky for an unspecified amount of time. He did shown being skeptical with Dave's talent in physics, and is obvious happy that he help them in fixing the antenna so their show must go on.


  • In early draft of the film, Andre seemed to have feelings with Becky Barnes as he shows sign of jealousy when seeing her with Dave Stutler together, though the jealousy may also due to Dave's surprising talent in physics.