Alice Krige

Alice Kridge

Alice Krige portrays the role of Morgana le Fay in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Alice Krige was born on June 28th 1954, in Upington, Cape Province, South Africa. She has been acting since 1976.


Title Year Character
Vergeet My Nie (film) 1976 Welma de Villers
BBC: Play for Today (TV series) 1979 Emily
A Tale of Two Cities (television film) 1980 Lucie Manette
Chariots of Fire (film) 1981 Sybil Gordon
Ghost Story (film) 1981 Eva Galli/Alma Mobley
The Professionals (TV series) 1982 Diana Molner
Ellis Island ((mini) TV Series) 1984 Bridget O'Donnell
Wallenberg: A Hero's Story (television film) 1985 Baroness Lisl Kemeny
King David (film) 1985 Bathsheba
Murder, She Wrote (TV series) 1985 Nita Cochran
Dream West ((mini) TV series) 1986 Jessie Benton Fremont
Second Serve (television film) 1986 Gwen
Barfly (film) 1987 Tully Sorenson
Spies Inc. (film) 1988 Isabelle
Baja Oklahoma (television film) 1988 Patsy Cline
Haunted Summer (film) 1988 Mary Godwin
See You in the Morning (film) 1989 Beth Goodwin
Max and Helen (television film) 1990 Helen Weiss
The Strauss Dynasty ((mini) TV series) 1991 Olga
Amérique en otage, L (television film) 1991 Parveneh Limbert
The Hidden Room (TV series) 1991 Jennifer
Sleepwalkers (film) 1992 Mary Brady
Ladykiller (television film) 1992 May Packard
Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV series) 1992 Anne Berrisford
Judgement Day: The John List Story (television film) 1993 Jean Syfert
Double Deception (television film) 1993 Pamela Sparrow
Scarlet and Black ((mini) BBC TV series) 1993 Madame de Renal
Jack Reed: Badge of Honor (television film) 1993 Joan Anatole
Sea Beggars (film) 1994 Wife
Sharpe's Honour (television film) 1994 La Marquesa
Devil's Advocate (television film) 1995 Alessandra Locatelli
Joseph (television film) 1995 Rachel
Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Human Life (film) 1995 Lisa Benjamenta
Donor Unknown (television film) 1995 Alice Stillman
Star Trek: First Contact (film) 1996 Borg Queen
Hidden in America (television film) 1996 Dee
Amanda (film) 1996 Audrey Farnsworth
Habitat (film) 1997 Clarissa Symes
Twilight of the Ice Nymphs (film) 1997 Zephyr Eccles
Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan (television film) 1997 Rebecca Daly
The Commissioner (film) 1998 Isabelle Morton
Close Relations ((mini) TV series) 1998 Louise
Welome to Paradox (TV series) 1998 Aura Mendoza
Deep in My Heart (television film) 1999 Annalise Jurgenson
Molokai: The Story of Father Damien (film) 1999 Mother Marianne Cope
In the Company of Spies (television film) 1999 Sarah Gold
Becker (TV series) 1999 Sondra Rush
The Little Vampire (film) 2000 Freda Sackville-Bagg
The Calling (film) 2000 Elizabeth Plummer
Attila (television film) 2001 Placidia
Superstition (film) 2001 Mirella Cenci
Vallen (film 2001 Monique
Star Trek: Armada II (videogame) 2001 Borg Queen
Star Trek: Voyager (TV series) 2001 Borg Queen
Reign of Fire (film) 2002 Karen Abercromby
Dinotopia ((mini) TV series 2002 Rosemary Waldo
Six Feet Under (TV series) 2002 Alma
Reign of Fire (film) 2002 Karen Abercromby
The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton (television film) 2003 Snubby Eaton
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune ((mini) TV series) 2003 Lady Jessica
Threat Matrix (TV series) 2003–2004 Senator Lilly Randolph
The Mystery of Natalie Wood (television film) 2004 Maria Gurdin
Star Trek: The Experience - Borg Invasion 4D (short film) 2004 Borg Queen
Shadow of Fear (film) 2004 Margie Henderson
Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure (television film) 2005 Joan Collins
Deadwood (TV series) 2004 Maddie
Silent Hill (film) 2006 Christabella
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV series) 2006 Gillian Booth
Stay Alive (film) 2006 The Author
The Line of Beauty (television film) 2006 Rachel Fedden
The 4400 (TV series) 2006 Sarah Rutledge
Lonely Hearts (film) 2006 Janet Fay
The Contract (film) 2006 Miles
Ten Inch Hero (film) 2007 Zo
Persuasion (film) 2007 Lady Russell
Heroes and Villains (TV series) 2007 Letizia
Solomon Kane (film) 2009 Katherine Crowthorn
Midsomer Murders: Secrets and Spies (TV series) 2009 Jenny Frazer
Skin (film) 2009 Sannie Laing
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (film) 2010 Morgana le Fay
Waking the Dead (TV series) 2011 Carol
Will (film) 2011 Sister Carmel
Page Eight (television film) 2011 Emma Baron
Spooks (TV series) 2011 Elena Gavrik
'Jail Caesar (film) 2012 Pirate Captain
Thor: The Dark World (film) 2013 Eir
Tyrant 2014 Amira Al Fayeed
NCIS (TV series) 2014 Margaret Clark
The Syndicate (TV series) 2015 Lady Hazelwood
Partners in Crime (TV series) 2015 Rita Vandemeyer